Confessions - Of The World's Best Father! Hilarious Book For Dads, $3.24 @

Confessions - Of The World's Best Father! Hilarious Book For Dads, $3.24 @

June 1st is here, and Father's Day is on June 19th. Time to start looking for unique gifts for a special dad or father figure! If ever a cute and hilarious book you want to get for a dad, this is THE book that every dad will really get a kick out of. It's definitely not going to be what they think when they open it up and start reading.

"A hilarious pictorial parody of a clueless father and his adorable daughter" is how the book is described on the website, and that is accurate. For only $3.24 for the book, you just can't go wrong.

Dave Engledow, author of the book, takes on the task of writing pictorial log entries in the book, many of them miletone endeavors for his daughter, Alice Bee. However, this dad is about as clueless with kids as one can get. The sense of humor that Dave has is witty, somewhat dry, a little bit dark, but a lot of fun!

Shipping is very reasonable at the - It's $3.95 for the shipping charge, plus $0.95 per book in the order. In this case, if you buy nothing else, you will pay only $8.18 total for the book and shipping. (Suggested retail of the book alone is $18 USD) Prices on these books are in CAD funds.

You must check out the rest of their 50 books for 50% Off in the humour section because, we can all use a good laugh every now and again! That, and if you are already buying one book, you may as well find other books at only 95 cents shipping each, when added to your order!

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