Comixology: All 114 Issues Of The Walking Dead $100 + Discounts On Individual & Collected Issues

Comixology: All 114 Issues Of The Walking Dead $100 + Discounts On Individual & Collected Issues


It's Walking Dead night; there's no better time to get all the comics at a huge discount from Comixology!

There aren't a lot of shows that my wife and I watch together. She likes reality TV and I don't. I'm primarily into sitcoms and drama/action sort of things like Breaking Bad, Mad Men and Under the Dome. Fortunately, we are both into The Walking Dead. Of course, I'm a comic guy and she is not, so I have a bunch of the collected editions. She has no interest in them at all.

Most people think that you should always read the book or comic or see the play or whatever before the TV show or movie. I happen to disagree, and I'll let you know why after I talk about the deal here.

You'll pay $99.99 for 114 issues of The Walking Dead comic. At regular price for all 114 issues of The Walking Dead on Comixology, you would pay $224.87. Even if you got them in collected editions, it would still be $183.82. That's a savings of $124.88 on individual issues or $83.83 on collected issues. Let's say you're like me and you already have some issues. You can still get individuals for $0.99 or collected editions for $4.99 to $5.99. That's down from $1.99 for individual issues and $8.99 to $14.99 for collected editions.

As always with the vast majority of comics on Comixology, the first issues is free, so if you're not down with The Walking Dead yet, you can start being down for free.

Okay, the reason I think watching the TV show first is a better idea is actually something the illustrious JustinRYoung said on his first comedy album. He said that when you read the book first, then watch the TV show, you are going from a big universe to a condensed universe. TV show to book is expanding on the universe. The idea is that if you love The Walking Dead on TV, you'll love the comic even more because the universe is so much richer and filled out. Any time a book turns in to a TV show or movie, they have to take stuff out, so you lose some of the experience.

There is no shipping, as these are digital comics that you can read on your computer, phone or tablet.

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  • Anna W.
    I have these in hard copy, fantastic set.
    • Peter
      This is a great deal for their digital comics. The hard copy comic of Walking Dead is very valuable now (because of the tv show) and highly collected. Walking Dead #1 in hard copy is worth $800 or more in near mint condition. And most Walking Dead comics up to about issue 20 are also worth a lot of money.