Color Me 3-Book Bundle of Adult Colour Books Only $30 & Free Shipping @

Color Me 3-Book Bundle of Adult Colour Books Only $30 & Free Shipping @


I am super excited about this deal I just found at Amazon Canada. Amazon is offering the Color Me 3-Book Bundle for only $30. The books usually retail for $18.99 to $19.99 each, so this bundle is pretty sweet. You will also receive free shipping on your order as it is over $25.

The bundle includes three amazing colouring books that will give you practically months of enjoyment. I figured if you coloured one picture per day, each book will give you - approximately - three months of work. The following colouring books are included:

I have provided the links but do not add them individually to your cart: make sure to add the main bundle to your cart through the main link. This is a very good deal as two of the books originally cost $18.99 and the third cost $19.99 so the total value would be $57.97. Of course, they are not currently at their original retail cost so I will show you what you save here and now buy purchasing the bundle.


Right now, all three books would cost $53.13. The bundle is a far better deal as you save $23.13 off the current cost of the individual books.

I also wanted to show you that screen capture so you know just how popular these books are right now. These are not your obscure adult colouring books - these are vastly popular adult colouring books with very good ratings. They have beautiful drawings with gorgeous patterns, scenes, animals, and more.

As I mentioned above, a drawing a day will make one of these books last for three months. I am only managing about two drawings a week - if lucky - so a single book will last me half a year. All three of these books would give me 1.5 years’ worth of entertainment for just $30. That is pretty high value for the price you are paying.

You still have time to get this shipped to you for Christmas. Adult colouring books make excellent gifts for yourself and anyone with a bit of artistic flare.

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      Yes, they often match each other! What a great offer, eh? I blogged it from Amazon as they were still offering delivery before Christmas, which is getting harder and harder to find!