CN Tower Toronto: 50% Discount Coupons & More!

CN Tower Toronto: 50% Discount Coupons & More!

If you’re planning on a visit to the popular CN Tower in Ontario, and you’re searching for Tower coupons to save you few dollars on your trip, check this one out. You can get a 50% discount on their “Total Tower Experience” if you print and present the discount voucher from the website. On checking their rates online, this attraction usually costs $32.99, so you’d be getting it for only $16.50! What you get:

  • Look Out
  • Glass Floor
  • Skypod
  • Movie
  • Motion Theater Ride

There’s also a coupon on there for a free gift at their gift shop if you happen to be spending $12 or more. I don’t know what you get though… could be a set of postcards… could be a free teddy bear… could be anything!

I visited the CN Tower a few months ago and I was quite impressed. It’s the tallest tower I’ve ever been in, the tower height being 553m, with the Eiffel Tower coming second at 325m, in my experiences! If you’d like to read a bit more about the CN Tower, they have an online brochure on their site. I’ll tell you guys – I was afraid to step on the glass floor!

Thanks for the great image Mathias Rousseau Photography! Apparently, lightning strikes the CN Tower 75 times per year – I would not like to be in it when that happens!

These expire on the 4th January, 2009.


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  • Jack
    the link is broken....
    • Anna
      Now expired Jack :)
      • Louise F.
        Are there any coupons for the cn tower for august 2010?
        • Elaine
          There is a coupon in the 2010 Attractions Ontario coupon book you can order from or call 1-800-ONTARIO or at the library. The coupon is for 20% off an ticket package for up to 4 people per coupon. It expires on October 31st 2010.
          • Andrea
            Thanks so much!!! We will use this 20% for 4 people this week!!! I had the Attractions Ontario right next to me, but hadnt noticed that coupon before!
        • patty
          thanks so much! We will use the discount coupons for the CN Tower trip. Your tip helped us locate the printable coupon!
          • Steph
            Anything for November? I'll be there this weekend.