Clover Leaf: Free Coupons

Clover Leaf: Free Coupons


Got an email from Mooser Andrew about Clover Leaf's promotion to check out 5 of their recipes, and in reward get free coupons mailed to you. Unfortunately the promotion never says the value of the coupons but as a tuna buyer, any coupons are better than no coupons!


  1. Click the search and save button to view 5 of the recipes
  2. View your first take 5 recipe by clicking on the recipe of your choice
  3. Click back under each recipe to go back to the list and pick another to view
  4. After viewing the 5th recipe click on the "Click here to get your coupons recipe counter"
  5. Enter your mailing address to receive your coupons in the mail

Pretty simple.. took me less than 5 minutes to do it, and got some great ideas on how to expand my tuna horizon. Thanks Andrew!


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  • anna
    i got this coupon from the supermarket a while ago. i'm not sure if it's the same, but i believe it's two coupons: one is $1 off 2 cans, and the other is $1 or $2 off 3 cans.
    • Emma
      Coupons are running out! Visit and follow the instructions to get your 5 coupons for various Clover Leaf products. Great deal and takes less than 5 mins! Also, if you refer a friend and they participate in the promotion, you get a BONUS coupon! Coupons are as below (one of each): - "Buy 1, Save 50¢ on any Clover Leaf® 170g White (Albacore) Tuna Product" - "Buy 1, Save 50¢ on any Clover Leaf® Skinless Boneless Atlantic Salmon Product" - "Buy 1, Save 75¢ on any Clover Leaf® Tuna Steak Product" - "Buy 2, Save 50¢ on any Clover Leaf® 85g Flavoured Tuna Product" - "Buy 3, Save $1.00 on any Clover Leaf® 85g Flavoured Tuna Product" Also, refer a friend and have them participate in the promotion to receive one extra BONUS coupon!