Cloud B Dreamz To Go Zoo Friendz Tiger Or Zebra $19 Reg. $27 @

Cloud B Dreamz To Go Zoo Friendz Tiger Or Zebra $19 Reg. $27 @

For kids young or old, this cute toy/night aid can help them to ease their fear of the dark. It softly lightens the room with various patterns of stars or fun faces. These lights are selling for only $19, down from $27.

Even as an adult it's nice to have a soft light in the room for ambience. Plus, when your foot sticks out of the blanket in a lighter room, it's easier to dispel the idea that someone or something is there, ready to grab your foot!

It's not good though to always have a light on in the room. Darkness promotes a more restful, deep sleep. That's why this light is designed to shut off after 45 min.

You can also pick 3 different colours of light - blue, green and red.

It uses 3 AAA batteries so in this case I would probably use rechargeable ones such as these 'Amazon Basics' ones. They are far less expensive than name brand ones, and they appear to be rebranded name brand ones anyway. These work great, I have some.

You can pick from a cute zebra or tiger because the alligator is still $27! Unless you realllly love paying more. The alligator is the least appealing of the bunch to me, anyway. (Sorry, Al!)

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