Cleo Canada: Up To 70% Off During The Winter Clearance

Cleo Canada: Up To 70% Off During The Winter Clearance


Celebrate the Canadian subzero temperatures and massive snowstorms with up to 70% off at Cleo during their Winter Clearance.

Since Cleo is one of my favorite stores to shop at for casual and office wear, I dug around into their history was surprised to discover that its partner brands actually include Bootlegger and Ricki's, both of which have very nice selections of merchandise as well! In fact, just yesterday I wrote about Ricki's Winter Sale with some pretty low prices to be taken advantage of for a limited time only.

To get back on topic though, below is an example of some of the lowest prices you can expect to see at Cleo's Winter Sale right now:

The prices are certainly low but keep in mind that sizes and the more popular styles are selling out like hot cakes. Don't get discouraged if a particular item has sold out because there are loads more to choose from at the same price point!

Since no one likes shipping fees, be sure to take advantage of the Cleo coupon code we have in our forums to get shipping for just $2.99 on all purchases over $60.

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