Classic Jenga $9.87 @ Amazon Canada

Play it with the whole family!
Classic Jenga $9.87 @ Amazon Canada

What do you do when your kids are all various ages but you want to play a game together? Monopoly isn't doable and it's the same story with most board games - not Jenga though. It's fun for the young, and the old. We are not surprised to see it's currently the number one bestselling toy and game on Amazon Canada just now at just $9.87.

Classic Jenga

Classic Jenga is so easy to play... you build the wooden block up into a tower, then take turns to pull out a block and place it on the top. The person who knocks the tower down on their turn is the loser of the game.

It couldn't be a simpler concept, but it sure is fun for the whole family. You can play from as little as one player, and with as many as you'd like.

Kids gone to bed? It's even funnier when you've had a glass or two of wine!

Comes with a stacking sleeve so it's easy to build up once it's been knocked down. Each game consists of 54 wooden blocks.

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