Claires Canada: $10 Bonus Dollars On $20 Spend

Claires Canada: $10 Bonus Dollars On $20 Spend


There's a special promo available in-store @ Claire's Canada just now. If you spend $20 in-store, they will reward you with $10 bonus cash.

In order to redeem the $10 bonus cash, you must spend it in-store between the 29th November and the 13th December 2009.  The $10 bonus cash needs to be spent on a purchase of $20 or more, but that should be manageable!

If you are Christmas shopping for a young girl, Claire's has loads of really cool stocking fillers! But to tell the truth, I actually shop in there too. Sometimes I am looking for a little accessory for an outfit, perhaps a specific color of costume jewellery, or a nice pair of tights, and Claires actually is really good for this kind of thing. So while the store is targetted at young girls, there's plenty of stuff for us older gals too!


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