Rent a Movie For a Loonie @ Cineplex Store

Rent a Movie For a Loonie @ Cineplex Store

What if you could go to the movies for just a dollar? I know the days of 10¢ popcorn are WELL past us, but family night doesn't always have to break the bank. And even though Blockbuster is long gone, the Cineplex Store has found a way to make movie rentals affordable again – because now you can watch movies for $1!

The Cineplex Movie For a Loonie promotion works exactly how it sounds, and it's probably the cheapest way to treat the family to an at-home movie night, especially if what you want to see isn't available on Netflix.

Here's how it works. Every week, the Cineplex Store releases a new Movie For a Loonie. All you have to do is click "rent" and shell out 99¢ (or $1.99 if you'd rather watch the movie in HD). You then have 30 days to watch the movie before your rental expires – which is great if you tend to fall asleep before you even press play.

So far, most of their featured movies are family-friendly and a little on the spookier side. Goosebumps, Goosebumps 2, Hook, Monster House and Zathura have all been up for the taking. There's no telling what the Cineplex Store will offer next, though, so I'd check their site every week in case something on your watch list pops up! Once you rent a film, it will show up in the My Library tab. So what are you waiting for?


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