Cineplex: Save Additional 10% with Scene Cards Every Tuesday

Cineplex: Save Additional 10% with Scene Cards Every Tuesday

Starting June 5th 2012 you can save an additional 10% on your movies every Tuesday just by using your Scene card.  You will already get a reduced rate for movies on Tuesdays so this is in addition to that.

When you show you Scene card on Tuesdays starting June 5th, you will save an additional 10% off your ticket price.  This includes IMAX and Ultra AVX titles.  A Scene membership card is absolutely free and will earn you rewards towards free movies.

SCENE membership card includes:

  • Earn 100 SCENE points with every movie
  • Get 10% off movie snacks
  • Get a free movie with just 1,000 points
  • You get 250 points just for signing up

I have had one for a couple of years now and we don't go to the movies very often.  In about 2 years, we have earned 4 free movies going to the theater about 3 times a year.  You earn points through movie and concession purchases.  It is one of those cards that are worth signing up for because it is free and you will earn points.

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  • Kate
    I would also suggest, if you are changing your debit card, to get a scene debit card! I have one through Scotiabank and I will get a free movie every couple months. You earn points towards a movie, when you spend on your debit card. Love the program!
    • Lana
      Just make sure you read the fine print - upon signing up for a free points card you authorize scotiabank to do a credit check so they can offer you credit cards. Not cool!!! Make sure you unsubscribe to scotiabank once you sign up if you don't want them doing a credit check.