Cineplex Canada: Discounted Movies on the Big Screen This Spring

Cineplex Canada: Discounted Movies on the Big Screen This Spring

Cineplex Canada has $5 movies that were voted on by you on select Mondays, with their Most Wanted Mondays. They also have $2.50 family favourites on Saturday mornings and classic movie performances every week for only $6.

What's better than seeing a movie on a a rainy spring day? I find going to the movies way too expensive, so I only go when I have coupons, or there are special deals like this.

What's great about Most Wanted Mondays is not just that it's only $5, but that you can vote on what movie you want to see. Then, once a month, they will showcase the movie with the most votes, although for April and May there is also a bonus performance.

For April, Robert DeNiro's classic Taxi Driver is playing on Monday, April 29th, and there is a bonus performance. The date says Monday, May 1st, but it looks like that is actually a Wednesday, and there is a show scheduled for that date. I'd love to see this classic movie on the big screen! Stanley Kubrick's psychological thriller, Full Metal Jacket, about the Vietnam War, is a must-see. It's playing on May 27th, with a bonus show on May 29th. Check your local theatre for showtimes.

There is a huge selection of movies to vote for, for the next month of screening. I am going to vote for The Breakfast Club, since it is probably my most favourite movie. I'd love to see it on the big screen after seeing it on television about one thousand times. Scarface would also be mega-cool. Also, Ghostbusters would be a great movie to take my kids to see.

The Family Favourites on Saturday mornings at 11am has been going on for a while, but what a great deal at only $2.50 a person, and a portion of the admission price goes to the Starlight Foundation! I want my child to see every movie on that list, but he is really psyched to see Secret of NIMH, which is a book he has been learning about at school.

The Classic Film series looks amazing, with films never before seen in a digital format. I am definitely taking my oldest to see The Wizard of Oz, which could be a precursor to the new Oz, The Great & Powerful movie.

One last thing to tell you about is that if you are a new parent and haven't heard of Stars and Strollers, it could be your saviour, after long nights of no sleep and long days of being trapped in a house. Stars and Strollers allows you to bring your little ones to watch an adult movie (so your little one should be little enough not to care). Toddlers can run the aisles, babies can cry and they have more dimmed lights and lowered sound. Right now, all Stars and Strollers performances are $2 off.

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