Cineplex Canada: Buy $30 Gift Card, Get $30 Gift Pack

Cineplex Canada: Buy $30 Gift Card, Get $30 Gift Pack

Cineplex Canada has a great deal happening right now. When you purchase $30 or more in physical gift cards, you will get a free gift with your purchase.

This deal is offered both online and at your local Cineplex stores.  Even thought the expiry date is not until the end of July, the last time a deal like this was offered it ran out sooner.  I remember my husband going to grab this deal around Christmas time and all of our local Cineplex stores had already sold out.

Here is a look at what you will get with your gift pack:

  • One 2 for 1 admission including Ultra AVX, VIP or IMAX (valid June 15th to September 30th)
  • One free small popcorn (valid June 15th to October 30th)
  • One $1 digital rental (Exp Dec 31st)
  • One free admission to Cineplex Family Favourites (Valid June 15th to December 31st)
  • 150 scene points (Exp Aug 31st)

This bundle is worth $30 and will be absolutely free with your $30 gift card purchase.  It basically means that you will be doubling what you get for your money.

(Expiry: 31st July 2013)


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