Chuck E Cheese: 10 Free Tokens When You Lose a Tooth

Chuck E Cheese: 10 Free Tokens When You Lose a Tooth

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Has your child lost a tooth recently or have a wiggly one in their mouth? Reward them with an extra-special gift from the tooth fairy. Print this coupon from the tooth fairy for 10 extra tokens at Chuck E Cheese.

I recently took my kids to a Chuck E Cheese for my niece's birthday with my mom. It was hell on earth for me with kids running into me, sticky floors, loud screaming and games, but my kids absolutely loved it. And, it is all about the kids isn't it? I also went on a very busy long weekend, so I would like to assume that a regular weeknight wouldn't be so treacherous. The kids loved the play equipment, the games, the rides, the robotic Chuck E Cheese who danced to the music in a very disturbing way and the mascot who walked around giving hugs and scaring the crap out of the babies.

We had lunch there, which tasted not too bad and there were free refills on all pop, so my kids were all over that, drinking probably at least three servings, satisfied that they could actually help themselves to pop! My favourite part of it was this sketch booth, that only cost one token and you could get a picture of yourself and your friend as a drawing. That was really cute.

It looks like you'll need to buy a food purchase with this coupon, and you can only use one per visit, but you really don't have to lose a tooth to get it. I won't tell on you. But, if you have lots of kids like I do, a tooth is lost every week here anyway.

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