Christmas Idea: Classic Etch-A-Sketch only $18 @ Sears Canada!

Christmas Idea: Classic Etch-A-Sketch only $18 @ Sears Canada!


I love it when retro toys make a come-back and are once again loved by a new generation. I hope that’s the case with this one – the Etch A Sketch! It’s really a classic toy, and I’ve found a sweet price on it from Sears Canada. You can get this amazing toy for only $17.99 just now!

I think this would make a fab Christmas gift for a young child… or for me!! The toy states that it is suitable for age three or over. I know that my five year old daughter would love this too! This could be why:

One of the world's favourite drawing toys, with over 150 million sold

Wow! I had no idea it was so many.


Most other stores are selling similar Etch-a-Sketches for around $25 to $30, including Amazon, Chapters and Mastermind Toys.

Now, when I was price comparing this item to make sure it was a good deal, I noticed a discrepancy in the sizing stated on various sites. Here on Sears, they state these dimensions:

  • 75" width
  • 00" length
  • 25" height

However, on some other sites, they were stating this:

  • 89" width
  • 22" length
  • 06" height

That was from Chapters. If the dimensions on each site are correct and not in error, then it sounds like the Sears model is a tiny bit smaller in height than some of the others. I am not sure if this is the actual case, I can only go by what it states on the stores in question. However, when the deal is $18 from Sears and $30 from Chapters – I know which one I am going to go for.

Shipping & Collection

If you order online and order only the Etch-A-Sketch on its own, sadly you won’t get free shipping to your home. You can add items to your order and spend $49 or more to achieve this. However, what’s superb about ordering online at Sears now is that you can order there and collect locally for free! There are thousands of locations to collect across the country, so this actually makes for a brilliant option for free collection.

Spending More & Free Coupons

If you ARE placing a larger order from Sears Canada, then you will want to check out our page of Sears coupons here. There is the potential to use a coupon code for an even better saving.

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