Children's Superhero Capes Only $4 & Free Shipping @ AliExpress

Children's Superhero Capes Only $4 & Free Shipping @ AliExpress


I was looking for a nice inexpensive costume option for children that was also affordable by any parent on a budget. Happily, I came across these Children's Super Hero Capes from a reputable seller I LOVE BRAZIL with a 90.5% positive feedback. Currently, he is selling a selection of children's superhero capes for just $3.77  CAN with free shipping to your home!

There are so many different capes for girls and boys to choose. Batman and superman are sure to be fan favourites, but Captain America, Elsa, Ninja Turtles, and others may just catch your child's fancy.

Between the two links above, there are some theme overlaps (both have Batman) but some different capes too. One has all four Ninja Turtles and the other link has other Superheroes like Robin and Captain America. There are even more 'girl' themed capes like the Elsa and the Anna/Elsa sister combo cape. My favourite cape is for Wonder Woman. Not that she actually ever had a cape, but I like it because I have a Wonder Woman swimsuit that would match it perfectly.

I did find these capes at two sellers on eBay for an extra $3. I also found similar capes from other sellers on AliExpress but most require bulk orders of 25 or more pieces so I figured these individual cape deals are pretty great given the seller's reputation and the free shipping.

Honestly, I would totally pick up a few of these for playing anytime. They are fantastic and inexpensive little costumes for daily wear around the house. Not only can your child play with their superhero toys, they can also BE their favourite superhero!

Let us know which one(s) you pick up!

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  • Kelly
    Unfortunately I think it's only the masks for that price. I just went through all the capes and they are more. Darn.
    • Avigayil M.
      Sorry, my fault. I have updated the links. <3
      • Kelly
        awesome...thanks for the second link :)
    • Brooke W.
      Would it be horrible if I wore one myself? Superman drive a car! Superman rides a horse! Superman.. does the dishes and cooks :( Haha! I need a cape :)
      • Mei
        I ordered these for my son to play with him (not through aliexpress) and I also got a superwoman for me! I'm petite though. So Brooke...go for it! Lol