Checkout51 & Snapsaves Offers

Checkout51 & Snapsaves Offers


Both Checkout51 and Snapsaves have some great new offers out right now.  Both companies offer money back when you shop certain products and save the receipts. They have cash back for items like vitamins, fruit, paper products and canned goods.

For both companies, you will need to purchase items on their list, and submit the receipts. They will add up to cash back eventually saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Checkout51 Offers:

  • Tresemme Styling Products / $2 cash back
  • Advil Nighttime / $4 cash back
  • Glade Products (any two) / $3 cash back
  • Axe Shower Gel / $1 cash back
  • Vasoline Lotion or Spray / $2 cash back
  • Select Dove Products / $1.50 cash back

Snapsaves Offers:

  • One a Day / $1 cash back
  • Any strawberries / $1 cash back
  • Huggies Little Movers / $2 cash back
  • Panebello Pizza / $1 cash back
  • Catelli Pastas / $0.50 cash back
  • Royale tissues / $1 cash back

This is actually just a portion of the cash back deals you will find at both stores. Each week, these deal will change and they will get new ones, so make sure to check them out once a week.

(Image credit to Nicholas Eckhart)


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