Cheapoair Canada Coupon Code: Get $15 Instant Discount

Cheapoair Canada Coupon Code: Get $15 Instant Discount


While there may only be a very limited number of airlines in Canada from which to choose from when booking your travel arrangements, there are actually many, many travel sites from which you can sometimes find a better price than booking direct with the airlines. is one such site and I wanted to let you know about this promo code for a little extra saving on your airline costs.

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  • Couponcode: CA15
  • Discount: $15 off
  • Expires: Unknown

When I was price checking some flights and trying a promo code (which had actually expired), the above coupon code helpfully popped up instead, giving a $15 discount. I am unsure of the exact terms and conditions or the expiry date on the coupon code, but it’s worth a try if you’re making a booking with Cheapoair anyway.

Price Comparison

Just to show you the kind of different prices you can get – I am going to price compare a return flight from Toronto to Winnipeg (a route I have to regularly take for business reasons), from the 31st July to the 3rd of August 2014. On the Air Canada website, the cheapest total price for this flight comes to $478.53. A similar flight on the same day via Westjet comes to $512.43.

On Cheapoair, there was a booking bonus on going through checkout, as well as the above $15 coupon code, so the final price of a Toronto-Winnipeg flight on the above mentioned dates was coming to $446.37 (via Air Canada, nonetheless). That’s about $32 cheaper than the actual prices on Air Canada’s own website.


My main takeaway from this article is that you shouldn’t always just head straight to Westjet or Air Canada when you want to book a flight. Check out the prices on other companies like Cheapoair and make sure to combine the good prices with our Cheapoaircoupon code from our coupon forums, for even more savings. There are more coupon codes on there for different types of savings. As Cheapoair also covers hotels and car rentals, you could check out the prices for those things too, if you’re planning a vacation.


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