Charmed Aroma Rings in Candles: 10% Discount & Win a Potential $5000 Ring!

Charmed Aroma Rings in Candles: 10% Discount & Win a Potential $5000 Ring!


Have you heard of a Canadian company called Charmed Aroma? Well, they make a beautiful range of natural soy candles. But that’s not all… inside each candle is a ring – which can be worth anything up to $5000!! Isn’t this a superb idea for a gift?

We’ve hunted down and found an extra 10% coupon code for this store – if you’re buying there, it can save you a few bucks! Here are the details:

Click here to see the candles @ Charmed Aroma now

  • CouponCode: GIVEAWAY10
  • Discount: 10% off your order
  • Expires: Unknown

We’re saving this coupon here on our coupon page for this store, if you ever need to make use of it.

Now, a little more about the products, as we’ve never mentioned them here on Bargainmoose before. Here’s the process:

  1. Buy/Gift a Charmed Aroma candle
  2. Burn the candle until foil appears
  3. Use tweezers to grab the foil package
  4. Unwrap and admire your prize

The Charmed Aroma candles on the site are $25.99 each ($23.39 with coupon), and shipping is a rate of between $2.95 and $8.95 depending on how much you spend. If you spend $99 or more (then it’s free shipping).

On the Charmed Aroma site, there’s an appraisal tool – you enter the serial number that came with your ring and they will state how much it is worth – this could be anything between $10 and $5000!

There’s a prize gallery here where people have uploaded photos of the rings they received, if you’d like to see some of the various styles. I have to say that even though I am not a big “ring person,” I quite like some of the designs there.

And on their Facebook page here, there’s a lot of convo about the gift too, as well as some people showing off the appraisals that they got for their jewellery. The last post on the Facebook wall shows one of the major prizes in the candles at the moment – it’s a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring worth $3000! Here’s what it looks like:


Some people on the Facebook wall have stated appraisal values of $200 to $250… obviously there are only going to be a small number of the top prizes like the sapphire and diamond ring above – but wouldn’t that be amazing to find in a $25 candle!?

What do you think of Charmed Aroma candles? A great gift or a bit of a gimmick?


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  • Jenn
    I have purchased these candles in the past and the scents are amazing. The rings have all been beautiful (never found one of the really expensive ones). I think they are great buy for a gift.
    • Brooke W.
      I want one sooooo bad!!!! Everyone else seems to have them, and they love them.
      • Debbie
        I ordered on about three weeks ago. Although they said it would be up to 12 weeks for delivery, it came today!! The scent is lovely and not overpowering. I have yet to see the ring, but the candle itself is worth the $25.
        • Anna W.
          Ooh Please let us know what you get!
        • debbie
          can you order certain size rings
          • Ariel
            Candles used to be much better. Not impressed. Burned one today and the glass cracked. They used to be made by hand in the kitchen of the owner with three wicks and thicker glass. Due to their success, it was outsourced to China. The candles themselves are shipped to consumers using a Canadian company.
            • beetie

              can you pick your ring size