Chapters: Italian Luxury Throw only $20 ($89 value)

Chapters: Italian Luxury Throw only $20 ($89 value)


Chapters has these Italian Luxury Throws I have been seeing in store. For the longest time you could get a deal on one if you spent over a certain amount in store. Online they had them for a lovely price of $29.00, which was smashing as they are worth $89. Well, they just recently discounted them to $20 ($9 off)! If you also use the coupon code: Debit5 (with any payment method) you can get this throw for only $15 (an extra $5 off)! I suggest topping up your cart with something else (or maybe get 2) to qualify for free shipping.

They come in three colours: Snow White | Caramel | Grey Dusk. Here is what Chapters says about their throws:

Special Offer: Bear the frosty winter weather in a cozy blanket of warmth with our Italian Luxury Throw. Made from an ultra-soft blend of acrylic and nylon, this dusk-coloured throw will make a beautiful holiday gift (48" x 60"). $89 value.

Lovely throws. Great for the cold weather I would think!


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