Chapters Indigo: My Picks

Chapters Indigo: My Picks


Whenever I go on Chapters I see this section that always says 'Heather's pick's." It has left me wondering... who is Heather, and why should we trust what she picks? So when I got the email warning me that Chapter's Boxing Week Sale was over in 4 days, and I remembered that tomorrow night my Chapters Rewards card expires ... I decided to do my own picks.

  • Polar Bear Bookend Metallic Silver- $8.25 (orig. $32.99) An excellent deal at 75% off. This heavy bear is great for holding up books and holding down papers. Looks nice, silver is a colour that goes with most everything as well. You can get a pair for $16.50... excellent price.
  • Mini iPod Dock Speakers in Silver or Gold - $9.99 (orig. $19.99) A simple thing like a dock speaker can go a long way, and one for this price you really can't go wrong. These things are great for sharing your music when out with friends.
  • Library Throw in Camel - $10 (orig. $39.99) I have mentioned this throw before, at 75% off I am a big fan of it. It is a good size (48" x 60"), feels nice, and I think would be perfect for curling up in on cold nights. A great deal for $10.

It's funny, I just glanced up as I was writing this and noticed you could buy 1 of each of the above things and get free shipping, and not be very far above the minimum needed.

Now for a not on sale item I adore: the Jelly Cat Bashful series of plushies is just darling. I also have started collecting them (the medium, non-rattle ones), I have 3 so far. I also collect the Jelly Cat Piper series, which is harder to find. I figure when I have a child they will go in his/her room.

If you get anything, make sure to use coupon code Debit5 to get $5 off! Last day to use coupon is tomorrow, December 31, 2010!


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  • joy
    I can't believe how much more expensive things are in-store vs. online. For example online they have the hot chocolate mix 1/2 price, in-store still full price. The woman who works there said it is due to the overhead of stores. My local store does have the Roots bags in stock but they have raised the price back up to $39.