Chapters Indigo: Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh Was $30 | Now $10

Chapters Indigo: Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh Was $30 | Now $10


Chapters indigo Canada has a killer deal on the Mental Beats Power Bank 2600 mAh. Originally $29.95, these handy little external batteries are on sale for just $9.95 each. This is the last day of Chapters Canada's free shipping with no minimum promotion so buy today! (Free shipping expired now)

While I would never pay the original price for this device, I do think it is worth $10. The size is small enough you can drop it in your pocket (with a bit of a bulge) or in your purse. I have an external battery of the same size and it is a wonderful companion for my cell phone. Rather than carting the large battery around, I can keep it in my purse for life's little emergencies.

At 2600 mAh, this battery will not give a full charge to most cell phones. However, it will give you plenty of juice to make it through another few hours.

These handy little batteries come in four colour choices:

  • black
  • blue
  • purple
  • white

I think this may be the first time I have seen an external battery in purple thus that would be my choice. Each power bank comes with a built in LED indicator to let you know when the power bank is fully charged.

I noted that I kept having errors pop up on the web page when I went between the colours. Just ignore the errors, as I was successfully able to add the power banks to my cart and get into checkout with them. They are currently listed as in stock for all colours.

I give battery chargers to my friends; it is like the number one gift I end up giving people I care for. Seriously, these things can be a lifesaver. In fact, recently I made an emergency stop at my local dealership as the engine light came on in my car. I had only planned a quick trip to the pharmacy, so I did not have an external battery with me nor could I charge off my car as it was being looked at. My phone went low battery while waiting for the shuttle (over an hour) and I was kicking myself the entire time for not having a battery charger in my purse. Lesson learned.

As free shipping expires end of day today, it is best to purchase one of these devices today so you will score free shipping as well.

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