Matt & Nat Bags from $59.50 @ Chapters

My favourite thing to see in the Chapters clearance section
Matt & Nat Bags from $59.50 @ Chapters

I suppose it's about time to admit that my Matt & Nat obsession is getting a little out of hand. I just started sorting one of my closets, and I have at least three or four of their bags spread out on the floor right now. But can you blame me? How can I resist picking them up when they're basically half-price?

The sale bags and wallets are scattered through the Matt & Nat brand page, so you might have to do a little sifting to find everything that's marked down. Trust me, though, it's well worth that little extra legwork. I mean, when else are you going to see a colour like this Matt & Nat Orchid Big Bucket Bag?

It's on sale for $67.50 from $125 – but if you're looking for a more basic colour that will go with just about anything, it comes in Cardamon for the same price. There are also a few briefcases, hobo bags and totes.

And for all my fellow deal-hunters who carry around about two dozen loyalty cards all at once, I found something that just mightbe able to hold them all. This Matt & Nat Large Cement Motiv Wallet has 22 built-in card slots, as well as four bill compartments and a front pocket. Plus, it's marked down to $59.50!

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