Fjällräven on Clearance from $30 Shipped

We'll need backpacks again one day ...
Fjällräven on Clearance from $30 Shipped

I know most of us aren't exactly going anywhere lately, but I think it's safe to say that we're all planning adventures for when this quarantine is lifted. Whether you're just excited to be back on campus, finally take the trip you had to postpone or ready for playground visits again, chances are you'll need a backpack.

Fjällräven has made some of the best-constructed bags and accessories around, even before VSCO girls started carrying them. However, that newfound popularity can mean it's HARD to find their backpacks, fanny packs and satchels on sale ... but there are plenty marked down right now at Chapters Indigo!

Select bags are part of their Deals of the Week, but certain ones were already on clearance. Either way, though, you want to shop these SOON, because certain accessories are already sold out entirely, and I don't know how long the rest will last. I personally have my eye on this Totepack No.1, since it looks like the perfect size for carrying around library books – you know, once they're open and I can spend my days walking around again.

If you haven't already heard, Chapters just extended their FREE shipping offer until April 12, so you have until then to order all the books, toys and candles you might need to get you through these trying times – without dealing with any additional fees. Just note that delivery may be slightly delayed right now.

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