Chapters Indigo: Despicable Me Blu-Ray Combo 57% Off

Chapters Indigo: Despicable Me Blu-Ray Combo 57% Off


You can get a special deal on the movie Despicable Me that came out this last year. It is for the Blu Ray Combo Pack. The retail price is $46.99 and it is on sale for $20.21... an excellent price for an actual good movie (57% off)!

I saw this movie in theatres, and then watched it twice on an airplane, and still want to get the DVD. I really think it is fun and cute, a great family movie. Even if you just get it for the little yellow guys, it is worth it! On IMDB Despicable Me ranked a 7.6/10 and on Rotten Tomatoes it garnished 81% by the audience and 88% by Top Critics, very strong ratings for that website.

I also did a little price comparison other places, and at Best Buy this Blu Ray costs $32.99. So you are saving a good chunk of change. Add another thing to your cart that costs around $4.79 and you will qualify for free shipping!


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  • Denise
    I don't understand what "Combo" refers to. Is it a DVD/Blu-ray combo? Is it paired with some promotional toy? It is not clear to me from the Indigo site. Any clarification?
    • Michelle
      The combo pack comes with a regular DVD and a blu-ray. Is this available instore too? I'm wondering if we can then use the $10 off coupon as well? That would be amazing!
      • joy
        There is an option to see if it is available at a store near you. None of the ones near me has any so I'm going to order it online.