Chapters Indigo Canada: Summer Bridge Books 40% Off

Chapters Indigo Canada: Summer Bridge Books 40% Off


Are you looking forward to the "I'm bored's" that come with a summer off of school? I am not, so I'm going to be prepared and first kid who says they are bored is getting a little bit of homework. While I don't do it as a punishment, I like my kids to keep up on their school work a bit over summer so they don't get the dreaded summer brain drain and go back a level in their work (this is a real thing). I found these Summer Bridge Activities at Chapters Indigo and right now they are having a sale with over 40% off these books.

There are books for every grade level, and they are an in between level from what they just finished to where they are going. The levels start from kids going into grade one up to grade six. What I like the most about these books is that they are Canadian. I really don't get the point of buying American learning books as spellings are different, the curriculum is different and cultural references are different. We really are quite different from the U.S. in this way and I think it is important to buy Canadian materials for learning.

These books are now all $8.52 with a regular price of $14.95. Honestly, Chapters Indigo doesn't always have the cheapest prices for books, even when on sale, but in this case, they do. Amazon, who is usually the cheapest, sells them for $11.87.

While I was price comparing on Amazon, I found awesome reviews for these book, citing that the books were good quality, works to keeps kid's minds active and that just 20 minutes a day helped them get ahead for the new school year. One mom did warn that you should take out the answer page, which is definitely important for me as I have sneaky kids who will try to get out whatever homework they have. I love this review:

Enough work to keep them interested but not so much they feel like they never have summer break. Two thumbs up.

Shipping is free on a $25 purchase, so get one for all of your kids!



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