Chapters Indigo Canada: Paw Patrol Patroller Only $65

Chapters Indigo Canada: Paw Patrol Patroller Only $65

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Paw Patrol, Paw Patrol. I can still hear my four-year-old singing this song. Tomorrow is actually his birthday and I'm looking for a super gift for him. I think I may have found it in the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller. Amazon sells this toy online only for $69.95, but you can use the coupon codeOctoberWelcome5 to get another 15% off, bringing the total for this item down to $64.95. While that doesn't sound like a huge discount, other stores are selling the Paw Patroller for $80, so it actually is a larger discount than it looks.

The Paw Patroller is really cool! It is basically the large truck that holds the characters and their vehicles.  The dimensions say it is 28" tall, but I think that is wrong and it is 6" tall and 28" long. With included batteries (yay for that!), it makes authentic sounds and has a real working elevator that take the vehicles to the command centre.

I know my son will love this and I know Chapters Indigo ships so quickly, it could be here by tomorrow if I order right now. If this is a Christmas gift, it will definitely be here before you need it.

At Toys R Us, this sells for $79.99. I also see that there are more photos so you can see the size and also more of what it does. Take a look at their site and then go over to Chapters Indigo and buy it! They've also got a few reviews, all of which love the toy:

My kids were so excited to open this box and start playing with it!! I couldn't believe how big the toy actually is out of the box and what great quality it is!!
I love the detail of this patroller, from its cute sounds to its awesome little elevator!!
Only downfall is having to buy all the pups seperate, but thats the same as any other toy like this!
Overall a great toy!!

Best Buy also sells it for $79.99 and those are the only spots I could find it.

Shipping is the only interesting thing. Because it is so large, it does not come with free shipping and will all depend on where you live, but it starts at $6.

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