Chapters Indigo Canada: LEGO Movie LED Keylight - Bad Cop Was $12 | Now $8 & Free Shipping No Minimum

Chapters Indigo Canada: LEGO Movie LED Keylight - Bad Cop Was $12 | Now $8 & Free Shipping No Minimum


Today for the next three days, Chapters Indigo has free shipping, no minimum. Now is the time to pick up those smaller items that you wouldn't normally get unless you had $25 to fill your cart. I found this super cute LEGO Movie LED keylight in Bad Cop that was regularly $11.95 and now $8.37. This makes a great stocking stuffer and it is never too early to stock up on those!

My boys have a fascination with lights - nightlights, flashlights, keylights. I once had a box of Bargainmoose branded keylights and they wanted to keep all of them.Instead of letting them take my Bargainmoose swag, I'll get them something more fun - this Bad Cop keylight. They could clip it onto their backpack, their house key or the keyring that holds their library card. Not just a toy, these can be super handy for many things.

My youngest would like this just to feel a little safer at bedtime when it is dark and he'll love that Bad Cop is there to protect him.

LEGO fans that are adults could totally use this too. I don't have a keylight and I'd love one for those times when I need to dig in my purse and find something!

While Chapters Indigo's regular price for this item is $12, I couldn't find a LEGO keylight for that cheap, so the $8.37 price point is definitely hot. Take a look at Amazon here, where the cheapest LEGO keylight is $13.50.

I see that Chapters Indigo also carries other keylights, although they aren't on sale yet, even the LEGO movie ones. I don't know why Bad Cop has such a bad rep that he can't go for full price, but that's alright!

You have until October 1st to take advantage of Chapters Indigo's free shipping with no minimum, so scour that sale section and see what else you can come up with.

(Expiry: 1st October 2015)


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