Chapters Indigo Canada: Free Spring Break Activities In-Store

Chapters Indigo Canada: Free Spring Break Activities In-Store

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As we tweeted on Twitter yesterday, Chapters Indigo has finally announced the free March Break activities they are going to have in store.

I recently blogged about all the fun discounted and free activities to do on March Break in Ontario. I was waiting and waiting for Chapters to release their free activities, since they are usually good ones, and they are free!

There are so many fun things to do, I may have to pop in each day to try something new with the kids:

Monday - Let's read with Dr. Seuss - story time, activities and more focusing on All The Places You'll Go with Hop on Pop and Cat in the Hat. You know what I'm saying.

Tuesday - Create with Rainbow Loom - I love this one as I'm just not that great at this Rainbow Loom thing, so maybe someone else can show my kids how to do it without chucking the thing across the room.

Wednesday - Let's build with LEGO - a special minifigure swap and a make and take.

Thursday - Let's go on an adventure - pirates and mermaids, oh my.

Friday - Let's go on the road with Klutz - travel friendly activities

Check the link for the dates, but if your kids are going on March Break, I'm sure you know when!

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