Chapters Indigo Canada: Father’s Day Gift Shop!

Chapters Indigo Canada: Father’s Day Gift Shop!

For those of you hunting for Fathers Day gift ideas, there might be some good ideas at Chapters Indigo Canada!

They have a special landing page for Father’s Day gifts, with various deals on books, CDs, movies… etc.

Remember, Fathers Day falls on the 21st of June – better get the thinking caps on!

There are some good Fathers Day ideas in there. For example, there are a few BBQ cookbooks – does your dad like to grill? How about “Way to` grill” for $32.50? Or for a slightly cheaper option, there’s “Big Bob Gibson's Bbq Book” for only $19.79 (pictured top right)!

Does your dad like a bit of Arnie? You can buy this 4 film Schwarzeneggerset for only $25.46 from Chapters. It contains Termintor 2, Total Recall, Red Heat and The Running Man.

I also know that a lot of wives buy the pressies from their kids (for the dad), so if you’re in that situation, hopefully there are a few ideas here.

Don’t forget that you might be able to get up to 8% dealguild cashback too. Oh – and spending more than $39 means FREE shipping from

P.S. Before you finalize your purchase, I’d price compare with to make sure you are getting the best deal.


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