Chapters Indigo Canada: 75% Off Border Throw - Now $12.50

Chapters Indigo Canada: 75% Off Border Throw - Now $12.50


Are you looking for a new comfortable blanket to cuddle up to when you are in the bedroom or the living room? Pick up a Border throw from Chapters Indigo for 75% off. The original retail price of this throw was $49.50, and it is now on sale for $12.50.

There are three colours to choose from and they are all currently in stock. A colour is somewhat misleading, as the throw is mainly white or maybe off white. However, the boarder colour changes and you can choose between Lagoon (blue), fuchsia (pink), and sweet grape (light purple, sort of a lavender colour). The sweet grape is by far my favourite as that shade of purple is just so pretty.

This would be a nice gift to give as a baby blanket to an expecting mother, to use as a blanket to curl up under while watching TV, or as an accent to your room. I recently purchased a vintage steamer trunk and I am in heaven with my purchase. I moved it to the end of my bed after vacuuming it out and washing it off. I threw a throw I have on top of it, and now it makes the perfect storage for my winter blankets and it matches in with my decor. The throw also protects the trunk itself from whatever might be sat on top of it. The bedroom fan is now a permanent resident on top my steamer trunk and the throw protects it from doing any damage to my trunk.

I have always found throws to be multi-use and thus, we have many of them. Five are actually dedicated to our cat (I just counted them up and that is sad that our cat owns five throws all to himself). Four we use to protect the loveseat, which he loves to sleep on and sit on the back of. Two throws at a time are on the loveseat, and when they go for a wash, the other two throws go on. The fifth throw is our cat lap blanket. Mr. Ghost is only allowed on the couch with us if we have a blanket, which he knows quite well. The throws keep our furniture from being damaged (and needing to be vacuumed every second day).

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. That means that two throws will bring you to the free shipping minimum.

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