Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Illume Candles

Chapters Indigo Canada: 50% Off Illume Candles


Chapters Indigo is offering 50% off Illume Candles right now. Receive free shipping on any order!  on orders of $25 or more.

I LOVE candles. They are one of the best inventions in the world. Light one while drinking a glass of wine and reading a book. Light a couple while in the bath tub with piles of bubbles floating around you. Illuminate your bedroom in the evening with candle light. Romantic dinners are nearly impossible without either a) a fireplace or b) candles. I am not sure if it is a female thing but most women I know just love candles. A few guys I know like them too.

The Illume Bella Collection Poured Glass Candle collection is a series of 9oz candles poured into a glass holder. They come in various fragrances like Island Moonlight, Golden Sandalwood, and Midnight Orchid. I rather enjoy the scent of sandalwood and of bergamot. I think my favourite scent would be the blend of fresh bergamont, blooming jasmine, and golden pear. Originally $19.50, these candles are on sale for $9.75 each. Purchase one or more for your personal care times - squeezed in between work and children.

Each candle has a burn time of roughly 50 hours. At $9.75 for 50 hours, you are looking at just over 19¢ per hour.

For a little more decadence, try the Illume Bella Collecton Tin Candle (10 oz) in Midnight Orchid or Beachwood & Bergamot. Originally $22, these candles are on sale for $11. There are a couple reasons why you may wish to pay a bit more for this edition. First, you do receive an extra ounce of premium quality soy candle. In addition, the tin candle has a top - lid - that goes on the top. This will keep the dust off your candle - a very helpful feature I find. No matter how often I dust, I never seem to get all of it. Candles, especially freshly melted wax, attract dust like no tomorrow.

There are a few other non-Illume candles at 50% off as well. This White Pillar Candle- 4"x12" was $28 and is now $14. This Ivory Pillar Candle- 6"x6" was $34 and is now $17. Neither of these candles comes in a votive or hurricane, thus a holder would need to be purchased separately, or you might risk the occasional drip. I do like the multi-wick style of the fatter candle.

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