Score 500 Bonus Plum Points @ Chapters

That's what you'll receive with the purchase of almost ANY book
Score 500 Bonus Plum Points @ Chapters

I don't know what I would do without books. That's true at the best of times but especially during a pandemic. I relish the opportunity to escape from what's happening around me for just a little while – and working my way through chapters definitely helps pass the time. But I have one more reason to buy books right now ...

If you're a Plum Rewards or Plum Plus member at Chapters Indigo, you'll receive 500 bonus points when you purchase just about any book! You can then use those points to claim dollars off future orders, which should give you enough books, toys, homewares and essential oils to last you through the rest of this outbreak.

You'll earn the bonus Plum points in additional to whatever you'd normally receive for a certain book, so why not pick up a title you've always meant to read? For me, that's The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, which I managed to borrow from the library before everything closed down. But as for the Plum points promotion, I have my eye on My Dark Vanessa. It's still available in hardcover and paperback, but those copies might not last long!

Of course, you'll have to be a Plum member to qualify for this deal and receive the points. If you're not part of the club yet, you can sign up for free online or subscribe to Plum Plus for $39 every year. Just make sure you hurry, because this sale ends tonight! Chapters is also offering FREE shipping until the end of the month.

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