These Abeego Beeswax Wraps are Reusable!

Ditch those plastic sandwich bags once and for all
These Abeego Beeswax Wraps are Reusable!

Now that summer is over, I'm about to get a lot busier ... and in my house, that means we're pretty much going to be living off leftovers. Sure, I can stash some things in reusable containers, but what about food that doesn't fit into those little boxes, like loaves of bread? Well, that's where food wraps can come in handy.

Abeego is one of many brands out there that makes food wraps out of beeswax, and they're by far some of the bestsellers in Canada. You can basically use them like a second peel for fruit and veggies you cut, like half an avocado or part of a zucchini. They protect and breathe like real peel or rind, and they help preserve food.

These Abeego wraps are reusable, and they should last you about a year. After that, you can compost them! They're all self-adhesive and can take just about any shape you could imagine – which means you can even use them on top of bowls or pitchers when you can't find a lid. To clean off food or spills, just wash your food wraps with COLD water, along with gentle dish soap and a cloth. Then, just fold them and put 'em away.

There's only one size left at Chapters: the Abeego Small Wraps. This set of six wraps usually sells for $18, but if you pick one up before the end of the night, you can use the promo code SCHOOL15 to get it for $15.30! They're the perfect size for smaller snacks, like cloves of garlic, a handful of cookies or half-bananas.

Since they're almost sold out at Chapters and this promo code expires soon, you can also pick up Abeego Food Wraps at They have a few more sizes in stock, and they're all available for $17.99 per set. But if you really want to go all in and pick up enough for ALL your leftovers, this Natural Food Wraps Gift Box comes with four wraps sets in different sizes (small, medium, large and giant) for $68.99.

If you shop at Chapters, shipping is free when you spend at least $25 or have your items sent to a store near you. Orders over $35 ship free from, and you can also pick up these wraps from Amazon Canada.

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