Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Christmas Stockings - From $10 & Free Shipping

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Christmas Stockings - From $10 & Free Shipping


Today is the last day of free shipping at Chapters Indigo and we will be sad to see it go. There are so many amazing deals on right now including a sweet sale on Christmas stockings. These are stockings you hang from a mantel (or hook or door knob), not the kind you wear on your legs. Right now, Chapters Indigo has 50% off Christmas Stockings with the best stockings starting at just $10 each.

My favourite stockings are just $10! This Hockey Skate Stocking is super cool and really puts a Canadian twist on the classic stocking. I truly adore how they have converted the traditional stocking into a hockey skate. Originally $20, this Hockey Skate Stocking is now $10. For those who do not wear hockey skates, this White Figure Skate Stockingwould be perfect. Originally $20, this stocking skate is also down to $10. I used to wear white figure skates and my Dad would shave off the front picks so I didn't trip. Finally, my parents wizened up and just bought me hockey skates.

Did I ever mention my Mom tried to put me in ballet when I was three? That didn't go over so well (I sat in a corner), but this Ballet Slipper Stocking will go over well with your little ballerina. Originally $20, this stocking is also marked down to $10.

There are some gorgeous 'traditional' stockings on sale as well. This Buffalo Check Stocking with Faux Fur Trim is a personal favourite as it seems to embody Christmas. Originally $29.50, the stocking is on sale for $14.50. ThisStuart Plaid Stocking with Faux Fur Trim is similar but with a white background and green thrown into the festivities. Originally $29.50, it is also on sale for $14.50.

If your love has asked for fur this Christmas, get her a brand new Faux Fur Stocking - Grey Fox. It is probably not the jacket or stole she really wants, but it might be the best your budget can afford. Originally $29.50, the faux fur stocking is now $14.50.

For those who get into the classic Christmas spirit - you know that you want your stockings knitted. After all, all stockings were knitted back in those days. The Fair Isle Knit Stocking - Classic would but just what you are looking for. Originally $34.50, this stocking is now $17. There is also a green one and a red one you can select in the drop down menu.

All of these items would not usually qualify for free shipping, so now is the perfect time to pick up a new Christmas stocking before Christmas.

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