Chapters Indigo: 46% Off What Pet Should I Get? Dr. Seuss Pre-Order: Was $21 | Now $11.34

Chapters Indigo: 46% Off What Pet Should I Get? Dr. Seuss Pre-Order: Was $21 | Now $11.34


I usually do not post individual book deals, but I am super excited about the release of this new children's book What Pet Should I Get? by Dr Seuss. This is a never before seen picture-book by the legendary children's author Dr Seuss. I used to read these books when I was a kid! The book has a retail value of $21, but is on sale for $11.97 for Plum Members. After the JULYDD coupon code I mentioned yesterday, this book comes down to just $11.34.

I was really convinced to post about this deal when I started price comparing this book with other online retailers. Amazon Canada has the same book on pre-order for $15.16. Book Depository sells the book for $20.24. The book also retails for $17.99 USD at Seussville.

It sort of blew my mind that there is a new Dr Seuss book. These were the books I was raised on as a child and others like them. Dr Seuss gave me my first love for rhyming, a love that has stayed with me throughout my adult years as well. This 'new' book is told in Dr. Seuss’s signature rhyming style like his other books.

What Pet Should I Get? is a fantastic story about a brother and a sister visiting a pet store to add a new member to the family. Forget just picking between a dog and a cat, there are other pets too! The story explores the difficulty of making decisions - but in the end you really just need to choose!

I love Dr Seuss illustrations and think this is a glorious book to add to your Seuss collection whether you are young or old. I recently passed on my childhood Dr Seuss collection to a mother with a couple young kids just getting old enough to read such books. While I could have horded them... Dr Seuss was meant to be read and enjoyed by kids, thus I wanted my books to continue this tradition.

Receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Pick up another book or two to reach that minimum. The book will be released on the 28th of July, 2015.

The initial deal on the book expires on the 13th of July 2015; however, the coupon code expires on the 9th of July 2015. It makes less than a dollar difference but the coupon price is the best price.

(Expiry: 9th July 2015)


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  • Kristy R.
    My daughter would love this, she reads Dr. Seuss stories a lot. I could use a new story to mix into the rotation!
    • Mel
      I was very excited to hear of a new book and then Da Da Da....I found out that its about a pet store. Erg. Why can't Seuss have a book on pet adopting? :) Oh well, we will stick to our other Seuss faves.
      • Avigayil M.
        I think it is a product of the time he wrote it in!