Chapters Canada: Pre Order Kobo Vox Colour and Get 3 Free Books

Chapters Canada: Pre Order Kobo Vox Colour and Get 3 Free Books

Chapters Indigo is releasing a new eReader that offers so much more. It amalgamates an eReader, internet, applications, music, movies, magazines and more into one device. It is a lot like a tablet, but at the price of only $199. When you Pre-order your Kobo Vox you will get 3 free books to try out on the system.

The free books you will receive are:

  • Lonely Planet Europe Essentials
  • Franklin and The Thunderstorm
  • Sweet Dreams Deserts

You can choose one of 4 colours: black, pink, blue or green. The Kobo Vox will be released the 28th of October.

More details regarding the Kobo Vox:

Movies, apps, games, music, reading and more. Experience crisp text and vivid multimedia on the brilliant 7" Colour, capacitive, multi-touch screen. Instantly access over 2.2 million books through the Kobo bookstore. Plus now enjoy your favourite cookbooks, travel or children's books, over 4,500 magazines and 1,900 newspapers in full colour. Enjoy great pre-loaded apps that let you keep in touch with friends, manage your life and have fun! Browse the web anytime, anyplace over Wi Fi with access to over 15,000 free Android apps. With Kobo Pulse ™, follow the hottest books and share your insights or opinions as you read with over 5 million readers. The Kobo Vox is lightweight and compact, and fits easily into a purse or jacket pocket. The signature soft quilted back creates a book-like experience.

If my household didn't already own a Macbook Pro, an iPad 1 and a HP Touchpad I would so be getting one of these in a heartbeat. $199 is so cheap for this kind of technology!


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