Chapters Canada: Hellboy Library Volumes $27.92 each (Reg. $52.50 each)

Chapters Canada: Hellboy Library Volumes $27.92 each (Reg. $52.50 each)

If you are a fan of Mike Magnolia and his ultimate creation: Hellboy, or if you just love the movies - check out the Hellboy Library Volumes. There are 4 in total and these massive hardbound books are fabulous additions to any graphic novel collection. Each volume is now $32.92 and if you use the $5 off couponOLAUG11 they come down to $27.92 each (reg. $52.50) if you place each as an individual order.

If you were to place 4 separate orders - 1 for each volume and use the coupon each time your total for all 4 volumes would be $111.68 (+ tax). The value of your purchases would be $210. That is not quite 50% off, but close!

Each Hardcover book is around 300 pages long, a ton of reading for the price. There is also rumours that Hellboy is going to get 'killed off' soon.. so these could become quite valuable in the future, who knows.


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