Chapters Canada: Coloured Glasses 30% Off

Chapters Canada: Coloured Glasses 30% Off


Chapters Canada has 30% off coloured wine, high ball and tumbler glasses.

Glasses break, it is a fact of life. Whether you throw them, drop them or the dishwasher steals their soul, you probably have to replace your glasses once in a while. I recently did and already one from the set has lost its life. This deal from Chapters is pretty good. The glasses are Arcobaleno from Maxwell & Williams, which is a home design company. They believe these glasses will lend a splash of colour to your table with the gorgeous yellow or orange bottoms. You don't have to conform either, you can mix and match and give your table a totally unexpected and vintage look. Each comes as a set of 6.

Tumblers and high ball glasses - was $29.50, now $20.65

Wine glasses - was $39.50, now $27.65

Shipping is free once you spend over $25.

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