Chapters Canada: Bushnell Deep Space 660x60MM Refractor Telescope $49.50 (was $99)

Chapters Canada: Bushnell Deep Space 660x60MM Refractor Telescope $49.50 (was $99)


Do you wan to see the stars, the moon, and the planets all up close? A telescope is a great way sit back and relax and just look up at the wonders in the sky.  Chapters Canada has a great little starter telescope on sale right now for 50% off the regular price.

The regular price of this Bushnell Deep Space refractor telescope in $99 but is on sale for just $49.50 right now.

Here is a little more about this telescope:

  • Zooms from 28x to 660x
  • B247 Bright & 60mm Objective Lens
  • 3 interchangeable 1¼" eyepieces for various power settings (28x, 64x, 200x)
  • 2 Barlow lenses for increased power settings (56x, 92x, 128x, 211x, 400x, 660x)

Take a look at one of the reviews I found:

I must say I wasn't sure at first on this as its only a 2.4 aperture but its actually pretty good especially for the price. You are able to see the moon very well, Saturn quite small and even Venus showed up on the low end. I haven't seen Jupiter or Mars yet but plan on it. The max viewing that has worked for me was 128x with a perfect viewing sky.

It ended up getting 3 out of 5 stars and most of the reviews agreed that this was a good starter telescope to get. It would make a great Christmas present for any child that is interested in space or astronomy or science.

You will also get free shipping on this telescope which is a nice little bonus.

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  • Anna W.
    Nice item! I'd love a telescope myself... but don't really have the space for it right now.