Chapters Canada: Alex Monster Art Centre Only $47.98

Chapters Canada: Alex Monster Art Centre Only $47.98

Sometimes you can find random toys for a good price if you really search at Chapters Canada. I found this Alex Monster Art Centre for only $47.98, which is 50% off and cheaper than I found it at any other Canadian retailer.

I was thinking the other day about how all three of my kids have very different interests. I have one who loves books and science, one who is athletic and loves being a daredevil and one who loves music, drama and art. I also realized this is going to be very expensive for me since they don't like the same things. So, when I find a deal this good on something my child is very interested in, I snap it up.

The Alex Monster Art Centre has a five-star rating at Chapters, based on customer experience.  It has also won numerous awards, including Best Toy of The Year.

It includes:

  • 12 watercolour paints with palette,
  • 28 coloured pencils,
  • 24 oil pastels,
  • 26 crayons,
  • 30 fine-tip markers,
  • a water bottle,
  • two brushes,
  • a sponge,
  • two drawing pencils,
  • pencil sharpener,
  • eraser,
  • clear and white glue

It comes in a carrying case that folds out into an easel. With a sturdy metal handle, clasps and trays that open for access to the supplies, this is a durable and fully-stocked kit.

Shipping is normally free at Chapters on orders over $25, but I'm going to assume this is too heavy for free shipping. To Ontario, the cost was $7, but there is free ship to store.

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