Adult Colouring Books From $10 @ Chapters Canada

Adult Colouring Books From $10 @ Chapters Canada

The adult colouring book trend is going strong - I even find myself addicted. I seem to be quickly going through the books that I had purchased last time they were on sale, so I have been on the hunt for more high quality colouring books to purchase for myself. Right now has adult colouring books and accessories for 40% off. Spend $25 to get free shipping @!

I have shopped at a few places for colouring books for myself, and Chapters has to have the nicest selection and highest quality available. There are hundreds of books to choose from at, and right now you can get them for as low as $10.17 which is quite a reasonable price considering the amount of pages inside and the amount of enjoyable hours you will get out of each book.

At Chapters there are colouring books for everyone. I found dog colouring books, cat colouring books and even exotic ocean creature colouring books. There are books to keep you happy, books to relieve stress and just plain old colouring books too. The discounts max at 41% off, but each book is definitely worth every cent. Here are some of the colouring books that stood out to me:

When my grandfather passed, he left me his collection of Prismacolor pencil crayons. These pencil crayons are the best I have ever used in my entire life, hands down. So if you are looking for some quality colouring tools to go with your new book, then Prismacolor is the way to go. Your jaw might hit the floor when you see the pricing on these pencils though. Luckily enough, Amazon Canada has the 60 pack of Prismacolor Scholar Art Pencilson sale from $50.40 down to just $23.26 - and seriously you won't find them priced that low anywhere else. offers free shipping on all orders over $25 right now, so your best bet is to snag a few colouring books so you don't have to pay anything extra for shipping and handling. Though, I personally prefer to flip through the books to see what images are inside so I will head to my local Chapters or Indigo store to see if I can score the same discounts.

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  • Neil
    While those pencil crayons are a good deal, you may be disappointed with the Prismacolor Scholar Art Pencils. "Scholar" is their student range, with far more filler in them than in their better-quality pencil crayons. Prismacolor pencil crayons (without the Scholar name) will give better results.
    • Brooke W.
      Thanks Neil! I didn't know that. I appreciate the feedback :)