Chapters Canada: 75% Off Hot Summer Reads

Chapters Canada: 75% Off Hot Summer Reads

Get 75% off hot summer reads this week at Chapters.

Summer really is the best time for reading. One of my most favourite times of the day is when I can sit on my front porch and read my magazine or book. One day, when my back patio gets finished, I'll have a new cozy spot to partake in my favourite hobby. Reading at the beach, the park or the splash pad is also sometimes a possibility for me, although the book needs to be light - I can't get into something too deep and forget where I am and lose my kids. Summer reads are a lot like summer flings, fun, easy and done by the end of summer. Check out some of these great summer reads, now 75% off.

  • My Sister's Keeper - not totally a light read because someone is dying, but I absolutely loved this book and all the family dynamics. Was $19.99, now $5.99.
  • Best of Friends is a book most women can relate to - small town living, teenagers who hate you, a husband who ignores you. Was $15.30, now $5.99.
  • What You Wish For is a novel about five different families, five different choices in making a family. Sounds like a riveting read. Was $16.99, now $4.99.
  • Spring Fever - an escapist novel by a bestselling author - just what any woman needs this summer. Was $29.99, now $7.99.

Some of the books are hardcover, which I think makes a big difference in the experience of reading. I much prefer hardcover over paperback and definitely think they are worth more.

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