Chapters Canada: 50% Off Kids' Costumes

Chapters Canada: 50% Off Kids' Costumes


Halloween may seem like a lifetime away, but now is a perfectly good time to stock up on costumes. Chapters Canada is offering 50% off kids' costumes.

These costumes are super cute, especially those for infants. This Dalmation Costume -12-18 months is just about the most adorable thing you could put your kid in. The costume includes the chenille and flannel jumpsuit, plus the headpiece with ears and a fun little bone rattle to keep your young one entertained. Originally $29.95, the costume is now on sale for $15. Children are so cute when they wear little animal costumes!

This Superman Onesie - 6- 12 months is also just the sweetest thing ever. The set includes the onesie, pants, headband and booties. I'm sort of curious why they say the costume includes pants when it is a onesie which is all one piece: I really have no idea. Originally $34.95, this super costume for a super baby is now just $17.50. 

They also have costumes for your older kids. I think this Hello Kitty Tutu Dress Costume - Medium is really cute and would actually double as a fun summer dress. The medium size costume fits children's size 8 - 10 and is for children ages 5 - 7 (approximately). This costume originally cost $39.95 and it is now on sale for $20. You can also pick up this costume in a size small which is for ages 3 - 4 or sizes 4 - 6.

If you are looking for something more along the traditional "scary" Halloween line, then pick up the Howling Ghost Costume - Medium for your child. This costume embraces the darker side of Halloween. Your child will have fun pretending they are a monster for a night, and every time they want to play dress-up. The ghost costume is amazingly affordable, and would be a great buy just to stick in a box of dress up clothes for your kids. Originally $17.95, the costume is now $8.93.

Whether buying costumes for your kids to play dress-up, getting a head start on Halloween, or planning a costume birthday party, these costumes are an inexpensive investment in a lot of fun and happiness. Some of my favourite childhood memories are getting dressed up (and dressing my dog up) in whatever I had available and playing out my imaginary stories. If you are wondering how to occupy your children this summer, try picking up a few costumes and making props out of cardboard boxes and couch pillows.

Chapters Canada offers free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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