Chapters Canada: 30 - 50% Off Dwell Studios Toys

Chapters Canada: 30 - 50% Off Dwell Studios Toys

Enjoy 30 - 50% off Dwell Studios toys at Chapters Canada.

There are only four toys from Dwell Studios in stock at Chapters Canada. Two items are 50% off and two items are 30% off. All are wood-based and look like good quality toys for young kids to play with.

Get 50% off:

Get 30% off:

The paint used is lead free, phthalates free, and non-toxic. The Zoo Shaper has one review on Chapters Canada from a happy mother:

I just bought this toy for my 2 year old. I had actually bought it to put in his room because I liked the animals to sit on his shelf and they match his bedding. He got a hold of it and loves playing with it, he can't quite get the animals in their proper place yet, but he is having fun trying. It's a great toy, when he takes a break from it I can put it back on his shelf!

There is an added bonus at Chapters right now. If you spend $30 on Baby products, you get a Sophie Soother (pictured in the middle) for free ($18.50 value). Make sure to add it to your cart.

Free shipping on orders of $25 or more.

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