Chapters Canada: 20% Off Select Lego

Chapters Canada: 20% Off Select Lego


In-store and online, get 20% off Lego Star Wars, City, Chima and Duplo at Chapters until Sunday.

I think Lego may very well the top boy toy item for Christmas. Whenever anyone asks me what my kids want for Christmas, I make it easy and say Lego. There are so many different sets out there, I know they won't get a duplicate. Plus, they are all sets they will love, even if they love Star Wars or Chima the most, they'd still be happy with a police station or a boat or whatever.

Chapters had a sale on Lego last week during their five days of deals, but I didn't bother to blog it because it was only on select Lego and the selection was totally limited. This sale is definitely better with a wider range of items.

Some of the most popular sets include:

As you can see, Lego also comes in every price point, so it does make a great gift idea for any kid, girl or boy!

Shipping is free when you spend over $25 and I find Chapters ships ultra-fast.



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