Chapters Canada: 20% Off Moleskine

Chapters Canada: 20% Off Moleskine

Get 20% off all Moleskine brand journals, agendas, and more at Chapters Canada.

Moleskine primarily makes:

However, recently they have added accessories to their famous stationary line. I rather like the Moleskine Highlighter Pencil Set that was $20 and is on sale for $16. They are made with fluorescent lead that won’t “bleed” through your paper as ink might. I have always had huge issues with bleed-through, especially when highlighting textbooks with surprisingly thin paper. I think that a company that makes paper products would understand the trouble of highlighting and I look forward to trying this out sometime.

They also make their own Moleskine Roller Ball Pen that was $17.95 and is now $14.36. There is one review of the pen which is fairly positive:

I received this pen as a gift at the beginning of January and really like the ink flow and lack of blotting on Moleskine paper. The pen writes very nicely on any type of paper really and though I thought the rectangular shape would be awkward to write with, it is not once you get used to it. My only issue with this pen is that I am already out of ink and I cannot find any refills for it. Since Indigo sells the pen, it would make sense to sell the refills as well.

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