Chapters Canada: 15% Off Skip Hop Backpacks & Lunchies

Chapters Canada: 15% Off Skip Hop Backpacks & Lunchies

These are the cutest backpacks and lunch bags ever: and your kids will just adore them! Get an extra 15% off Skip Hop backpacks and lunches at Chapters! Make sure to use the extra $5 off coupon code OLAUG11 mentioned previously!

Each piece costs between $13.56 (lunchie) to $21.21 (backpack) after the extra 15% off.

You could get a full set for $29.77  + free shipping after the $5 off coupon.

My favourite is the Zoo Pack Owl and it's matching Zoo Lunchie Owl. I also rather like the Zoo Pack Frog! There are many different creature sets you can get, here is the full list:

  • Owl
  • Penguin
  • Dog (not shown above)
  • Bee
  • Mouse
  • Monkey
  • Frog

Buy them separately as a backpack or lunchie, or get the set! The extra 15% off + $5 off coupon make for very nice savings!

Free shipping on orders of $25!

Sale ends 14th, August 2011.


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  • Anna
    I love them! I would wear that busy bee one myself...!
    • Amanda
      Wow these are seriously adorable!
      • Avigayil
        I know! It is just evil how cute they are!!!