Chapters: 5 Books, 5 Days, $5 Each

Chapters: 5 Books, 5 Days, $5 Each


I got an email from Chapters Indigo today telling me that they are offering 5 books for only $5 for the next 5 days!

Here is what I see today:

The promo only started today, the 12th June 2010. So I am not sure if the books will change every day, or if it is these same 5 books each day. I will check in tomorrow and make sure. (UPDATE - same books for the 5 day period)

You can probably use the recent Chapters promo code "MYHERO" for an extra 10% discount too!

I've never read any of these books, but I've heard of a few of the authors. Do you think any of the above books are good?

(Ends 16th June 2010)


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