Chapters: 30 - 50% Off Holiday Decor

Chapters: 30 - 50% Off Holiday Decor


I was just in the physical Chapters store yesterday looking for a plushy they don't sell online (didn't find it either) when I had a looksie at their Holiday Decor selection, a lot of it was on sale! So when I came home I checked out their online sale, and found it was much better! Some things in the store that weren't on sale, are on sale online. Chapters Indigo is offering 30 - 50% off Holiday decor right now, and they have some very nice stuff.

What wasen't on sale in store but is 30% off online is the Storytime Bear. My hubby and I stood listening to it in store. It has a wonderful voice, is very animated and even my frugal hubby said it was really good value for the price... and that was at full retail price! I just told my hubby that the bear is 30% off online and he said "wow, that is a sweet deal."

The other 2 things that caught my eye were the Reindeer bookends for 50% off, as I am looking for bookends right now, and the figure skate or hockey skate stockings, such a nice twist on tradition - only $10 each.

They have a ton of beautiful decorations at Chapters, check it out.


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